Almond tree belongs to the family Rosaceae, like almost all fruit trees, and the closest relative of almond - peach. So almond "nut" - is also the bone that surrounds the little brown and dry at the time of ripening plodik, like a plum.
     Almond ordinary 'amygdala' called almonds I century AD Columella. Has about 40 species.
     Small tree or spiny, highly branched shrub of the Rosaceae family of 4-6 m tall trunks bark gray-black or reddish-brown. Leaves alternate, on short petioles with subulate bracts; upper - dlinnochereshkovye with glands. Flowering in February - April. Flowers pale pink, on short shoots, bloom before the leaves. Fruit - drupe. Matures in July - August.
      Almond ordinary common in the Caucasus and Central Asia. Grows on stony riverbeds, on dry stony slopes and scree, rises to the middle mountain zone. Cultivated in Central Asia, the Caucasus and the Crimea. There are two varieties of almonds - sweet and bitter.
      Description: deciduous shrubs, sometimes small trees with alternate, simple, lanceolate leaves, serrated at the edge; with abundant and very beautiful, large, single, pink or white flowers; fruits - rounded drupe dry, pubescent, dropdown pericarp and easily unattached stone with perforated go grooved surface. Bloom for 3-5 year.
      Undemanding to soil salinity and drought-resistant, respond well to liming, light-requiring, easy to tolerate conditions of the city. Grow quickly.
      Almonds are plants whose aging trunks die completely, gradually replaced by root suckers emerging from the third year of the plant. About the seventh year of life begins their offspring dying. Therefore, you should monitor the status of the curtain, in the presence of senescent shoots good shoots must be completely removed. Special attention should be given several vysokodekorativnyh species.

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