Beet dried

Свекла в поле




Since ancient times beet is considered medicinal and nutritional product. About 2500 years ago the ancient Greek physician Hippocrates include this vegetable in the drug prescriptions. The Greek physician Diaskorid applied red beets for the treatment of infectious and skin diseases, and in the XVI century. Paracelsus was the first to use the beets with blood diseases.
       In Uzbekistan, beet red appeared about X-XI centuries., And the ubiquity of this vegetable crop received only in the XIV century, which is confirmed by numerous written sources.
      Dried beet eaten for excretion of toxins, as well as a means of stimulating the appetite and uplifting.

Dried red beets especially rich in vitamins - B1, B2, B6, C, carotenoids, amino acids, salts of iron, manganese, potassium, calcium, cobalt, magnesium and iodine.
    Dried red beet shows persons suffering from cardiovascular disorders, and in the summer is used for making Свекла свежаяkvass.
    Chemical composition of dried beet.
    Nutrients, vitamins, trace elements per 100g: Energy - 253.6kkal, Protein - 9.0g., Fat - 0.6g., Carbohydrate - 56.6g., Vitamin A - 0.04mg., Vitamin B1 - 0.04mg., Vitamin B2 - 0.2 mg., Vitamin C - 10.0mg., Vitamin PP - 1.2mg., Iron - 8.0mg., Potassium - 1728.0mg., Calcium - 222.0mg., Magnesium - Sodium 132.0mg .. - 516.0mg., Phosphorus - 258.0 mg.,





25.06.13 Dried red Beetroot top cubes 7h7h7mm.; 10h10h10mm humidity - 7% 
dirt - 0.3%

polypropylene and polyethylene bag
Net weight - 17kg.

25.06.13 Dried red Beetroot first cubes 7h7h7mm.; 10h10h10mm humidity - 7% 
dirt - 0.3%

polypropylene and polyethylene bag
Net weight - 17kg.



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