Cabbage dried

Поле капусты



Cabbage - one of the major vegetable crops occupies in Uzbekistan more than 20% of the total area under vegetables is widespread in the food industry. Cabbage - lends itself well to drying and retains all of its flavor and medicinal qualities. Homeland cabbage Mediterranean. Grow it with 3rd millennium BC. There are over 100 species of cabbage.
     Protein content in dried cabbage many richer dried carrots, beets, dried, dried turnip. Dried cabbage proteins are a source of essential amino acids (lysine, threonine, methionine) that are needed for blood formation, growth and tissue repair, stimulate kidney function, adrenal, thyroid, as well as dissolution and excretion of foreign proteins. Cabbage is famous vitamin - U, which is able to cure gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer, ulcerative colitis, gastritis and intestinal sluggishness. and activates the functions of the liver. Cabbage is rich in vitamin and - K. It is necessary for normal metabolism, wound healing, blood clotting, bone formation and healthy teeth, helps the liver. Of particular value is dried cabbage as a source of vitamin - vitamin C. This may be present in the cabbage in the same concentration within 7-8 months. This property does not have any vegetable and fruit vitamin - C are only citrus fruits (oranges, tangerines and lemons).Other than those listed above, in the cabbage are vitamins E, B1, B2, B3, P, PP, H, carotene, provitamin - D. Cabbage almost no starch and very little

Капуста свежая

 sucrose, so it is useful for diabetics. Low-calorie cabbage, so it can be included in the diet of patients suffering from obesity. It is useful for constipation, promotes the secretion of gastric juice. Fiber cabbage improves motor activity of the intestine, so it is particularly useful for constipation, hemorrhoids. Cabbage In addition, fiber promotes the excretion of toxins and cholesterol that prevents atherosclerosis disease. Fiber has a positive influence on the development of beneficial intestinal microflora - a necessary element to improve the process of digestion. Dried cabbage cabbage is recommended for patients with diabetes, because it contains very little carbohydrates and present extremely necessary for our body lactic acid. Most medicinal properties in cabbage, not heat-treated: in fresh and pickled.



25.06.13. dried cabbage top humidity - 7% Dirt - 0.2%

double polypropylene
Net weight - 8kg.

Капуста сушеная высший сорт 1380$
25.06.13. dried cabbage first humidity - 7% Dirt - 0.3%

double polypropylene
Net weight - 8kg.

Капуста сушенная 1190$


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