Plum fruit of the tree of the southern kind of plum.
Homeland cherry plum - the Caucasus and Asia Minor. Domestication occurred in prehistoric times. In the southern regions of the USSR plum grows everywhere. Among the many forms clearly distinguish two: plums and plum zheltoplodnaya Aronia. Plum growing bush or tree height from 4 to 12 m, with thin gray splayed branches and thin brown shoots. Plum comes early fruiting and already 10-year-old trees produce 90-100 kg of fruit. In Uzbekistan, cherry plum cultivars give 238-302 centners per hectare fruit garden.
Cherry plum plants are characterized by high, and, very importantly, the annual yield. Compared with plum, cherry plum is more resistant to diseases and pests. More drought resistant. Finally, early entry into fruition - an important "plus" of this culture. The fruits of modern varieties differ transportability and after collecting can acquire flavor peculiar sort.
       Cherry plum fruits are rich in sugars, pectins. They include carotene, vitamin B, B, C, PP, organic acids (mainly citric and malic), many of the minerals potassium, calcium, sodium, magnesium, phosphorus and iron.
Sweet, aromatic, with a pleasant tartness of cherry plum fruits are eaten both fresh and in processed form. In the home cooking of cherry plum jam cook, malosaharistye compotes, jams, marmalades and jellies.
Of cherry plum in Uzbekistan most cooked jam and dried compote of dried mixture. In folk medicine of cherry plum juice with a little camphor make gadgets for poorly healing wounds. The same tool is used for coughs and sore throat.
Chemical composition alycha average (in%) 87-89 Water, Sugar 4-6, acids (mainly malic) 1.7-2.3, tannins 0.075 Pectin 0.65 0.33 fiber.

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