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Delivery conditions

Terms of delivery

                                                                   Payment terms and conditions:

 The following variants of payment  are acceptable:
• the Advance payment;
• the Letter of credit.

In the first case the Buyer carries out 50 % of advance payment. The seller prepares cargo for sending and receives the other 50 % according to contract conditions. Further the Seller makes the shipment of the goods and sends by e-mail a copy of shipment documents. In the second case payment is carried out 100 % by the irrevocable letter of credit to bearer (100 % IRREVOCABLE L/C AT SIGHT). The letter of credit should be directed in the fastest way – by telex or SWIFT but not via mail. The buyer after opening the letter is obliged to direct immediately a copy of the letter of credit by fax to the Seller.


• After the recieval of the advance payment into the account of the Seller or opening of the letter of credit preparation of the goods for sending, certification begins, затамаживания, etc. It occupies 3 - 5 days.
• delivery time depends on basis of delivery.

Standard procedure:

• Buyer directs by e-mail or a fax the letter with intentions to get the goods with accurate instructions of volume of the order, the concrete fractions and a grade of the product, demanded conditions and terms of delivery, packing etc.;
• negotiations as agreed conditions of the possible contract are carried on. Bilingual Russian-English text of the contract is acceptable. Download typical contract here;
• In case of agreement at all points of the contract, Buyer directs to Seller the signed copy of the contract with company seal via fax or e-mail(scanned copy).
• Seller in turn signs the received copy of the contract, seals and sends it to Buyer in the same way together with an invoice.
• From this time Buyer can start to satisfy a contract condition, i.e. To open the letter of credit or to send an advance payment
• Buyer sends Seller signed and sealed original contract by express mail (DHL, TNT or similar)
• Seller signs the original contract, seals and sends scanned copy by e mail, then Seller sends the original contract in triplicate back to Buyer via express mail (DHL, TNT or similar).
**  Note: 
* the Prices provided on a site are for one ton on FCA terms of delivery the city or railway station of the city of Tashkent of Uzbekistan, according to the Incoterms – 2010.
* Delivery of goods is made in any point of the world at the expense of the buyer.
* our company makes for the clients logistics study on each delivery of goods free of charge.
* the Prices are valid within 15 days from the date of specified on a site.
* B interest cases, we ask you to make request for an e-mail: alsher@alifar.ru and to receive confirmation from the producer at each price and quantities of goods.
* the Minimum party of shipment of each type of goods - 5 tons and the minimum party of delivery - 20 tons 
* payment Form: advance payment of 50% after placement of the demand and 50% after readiness of goods for shipment.