Dried fruit - an all-natural product that has no dyes ,
Apricot dried stabilizers, emulsifiers, nitrites and artificial flavors . Actually this same fruit , but without water. Of course, the drying of the vitamins is inevitably lost , but only a part . While valuable minerals such as calcium , iron , sodium, and magnesium, as well as cellulose and pectin , are stored in their entirety.
      Therefore, dried fruit - a real natural concentrate of nutrients . For example , only 50g . dried cherry able to satisfy the daily requirement for cobalt , magnesium and vitamin B6 , and some fruit apricots - in the potassium and iron.
Eating is a day for 5 pieces of prunes , figs or apricots , you will forget about the problems with the intestines : they contain vegetable fibers counteract constipation and regulate the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract.
     In addition, within 10 days of such a diet will freshen up the face , strengthen nails and ox wasps , and all thanks to the high calcium content in the dried fruit . However, since they are classified as concentrated products , they need to consume in moderation.
     Drying of fruits - it is inexpensive and easy way to store them. In the dried fruit to a great extent retained vitamins that are contained in the fresh fruit, are used for nutritional therapy for diseases of the heart , kidney , liver, stomach. And also to maintain youth and beauty.
     Cuhofrukty come in three forms: dried in the sun, dried in the shade and chemically treated .


Apricots   18,0   5,0  -  67,5  278
 Dried apricots  20,2  5,2  -  65,9  272
 Raisin with a   19,0  1,8  -  70,9  276
 Raisin  18,0   2,3  -  71,2  279
Cherry  18,0  1,5  -  73,0  292
 Pear  24,0  2,3  -  62,1  246
 Peaches  18,0   3,0  -  68,5  275
 Prunes  25,0  2,3  -  65,6  264
 Apples   20,0   3,2  -   68,0  273

Despite the fact that the figures in the table composition and caloric content of products are already in decimal , we must remember that they are still very rough . The content of protein, fat , carbohydrate and accordingly calorie product depends on many factors: the grade of the product and the method of preparation , formulation and subtleties of the technological process. Even , for example, on whether a plant grown in hot or rainy summer .

Therefore , counting on the tables of their diet and calorie content of nutrients ( proteins , fats , carbohydrates ) in used products , remember that the result will never be completely accurate .


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