Eggplants dried

Баклажан свежий



The dried eggplant The composition comprises sugar, protein, cellulose, pectin, nicotinic acid and ascorbic acid, thiamine, carotene, riboflavin, potassium salt and the tannins, etc.
    Studies have shown that regular consumption of this vegetable is the prevention of such a serious disease, such as atherosclerosis, as it contains substances help to reduce cholesterol levels in the blood. Thanks potassium salt eggplant beneficial effect on the heart muscle, and promotes the excretion of excess fluid. That's why nutritionists recommend to include it in the diet of the elderly, especially with complaints of heart. This vegetable cleanses the body of uric acid, so it is especially recommended for gout.
     Eggplant rich salts of manganese, cobalt, iron, zinc, copper, therefore they are useful in anemia. If there is a daily 400 - 600 grams of eggplant, then you can do without drugs iron, zinc and copper, which are assigned in this pathology. And thanks to the relatively low calorie it is a versatile product for weight loss.
    Scientists from Germany have found that regular consumption of eggplant promotes easier quitting. The fact that the fruits of this vegetable contains a small dose of nicotine, reducing withdrawal symptoms, of which the first few days suffer former smokers.
     Greater effect can be achieved by eating eggplant with tomatoes, cauliflower or potatoes whose composition also includes nicotine.
     Scientists from Michigan found that eating just 240 grams red tomatoes provides the body with 1 mg of nicotine. This same amount of wishing to give up the habit will get if eat 140 grams of potatoes or 10 grams of eggplant. Compared with a cigarette, which contains 1000 mg nicotine dose of the substance contained in vegetables and low, but they help in the adjustment period to a new lifestyle.
     Eggplant can be steamed, stew, fry, bake, preserve.

26.06.13. The dried eggplant cube Top humidity - 7% Dirt - 0.2% Double polypropylene bag net weight - 8kg. Каклажан сушенный кубикик 1380$
26.06.13. The dried eggplant straws First humidity - 7% Dirt - 0.2% Double polypropylene bag net weight - 8kg. Баклажан сушенный саломка 1190$


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