Фрукты свежие

It is known that fruits are the main suppliers of vitamins in the human body. However, their use can not only maintain health, but sometimes replace costly medications . Fruits are for the body virtually the only source of vitamin C, as found in animal products it is in very small quantities and is rapidly degraded . Stores of vitamin C in the body are small , so it is very important to his arrival with fresh fruit throughout the year .
     Fruit - a source of minerals such as potassium , calcium , magnesium , phosphorus and iron. The increased need for potassium occurs when a number of diseases of the cardiovascular system , kidneys, etc. Especially a lot of potassium in dried fruit: dried apricots , prunes , ra

Фрукты свежие 1isins , peaches . Apricots are rich in potassium salts . Fruit - an important source of intake of iron, which is absorbed better than from drugs. Rich in iron, peaches, figs, apricots , apples , pl

ums , persimmons . Fruits are essential in the diet of patients with atherosclerosis , myocardial infarctio

n and hypertension because of their lack of fats, cholesterol , salt and the presence of ascorbic acid , potassium salts and cell membranes, promoting the excretion of cholesterol.


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