Peanuts, otherwise known as peanuts, is one of the most popular representatives of legumes. The extraordinary benefits peanuts is that it is full of various nutrients. Pindar pleasure snack as meat eaters and vegetarians. 

      While the list of beneficial qualities groundnut and vast enough to consider this high calorie product (peanut Calories - 548 kcal per 100g). In this light, peanuts should not be abused, even healthy people with normal body weight, to say nothing of those who are experiencing problems with being overweight?
      In peanuts contains a range of vitamins - A, Group B, D, E, PP. In addition, for emergency use peanut said presence of a unique amino acid and vegetable fats, particularly polyunsaturated lionolevoy and folic acid, biotin, and other organic substances. Peanuts more than a third of their protein and more than half of the vegetable fats, but, surprisingly, while cholesterol in peanuts missing.
      Eating peanuts leads to maintaining an optimal level of sugar in the bloodstream. For this reason, small amounts of useful patient groundnuts various forms of diabetes. More useful content peanuts magnesium compounds, normalizing blood pressure and metabolic processes in the body as a whole. According to the results of numerous studies use groundnut in reasonable quantities reduces the risk of heart attack and other cardiovascular diseases. For This Useful quality natural peanut meet monounsaturated fats.

Among other things, the use of groundnut helps strengthen the immune system of a person. Eating peanuts helps the body fight infections and weakening caused by everyday stress. Extremely useful in dealing with peanuts depressive states, because it contains a natural amino acid tryptophan, from which serotonin is synthesized in the body, a special hormone, uplifting and eliminating depression and phobias.
     Often only one to increase the amounts of serotonin can bring people from the most severe depression and get rid of the most stable phobia. And all this without long-term medication, only one reception groundnuts. In addition, the objective is to use peanut content in it niacin - vitamin B3, desired to ensure the normal functioning of the brain, improve memory and ability to concentrate. Regularly eating peanuts, people effectively solves arising before him everyday tasks.
     In peanuts contains some of the most effective antioxidants - phytosterols. In their presence slows and gradually stops growth of malignant tumors. This is another fact, speaking in favor of peanut-based products. Regular consumption of groundnut in small quantities to prevent, for example, bowel cancer. However, this is not only because of phytosterols, but also a natural fiber from which, in fact, is the core of a peanut.

For this reason, the use of peanuts prevents the formation of gallstones, improves digestion in general, stimulates excretion of toxins and other harmful substances. Peanuts are rich in iron, directly improves the quality of blood, in particular, increases the number of red blood cells.
      Experts rightly believe in the use of peanut people get rid of infertility, and equally by both men and women as well as peanuts useful ability to improve the hormonal balance of the human body. And, for example, folic acid - the main wealth of groundnut - reduces the likelihood of birth defects in the fetus.


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