birthplace of hazelnut - Asia Minor and the Caucasus, from here it spread to South Europe, moved to the north, and in the XVII-XVIII centuries was brought to America. He - the king of all walnut superstitions. That they are protected from lightning, whammy, evil forces, mice and snakes. A collecting began in the Neolithic: Archaeologists often found during the excavation of his fossilized shells.
Homeland hazelnut - Asia Minor and the Caucasus, where walnut groves stretched across Europe. Hazelnuts - the same hazel, only cultivated. In hazelnut more fat, it is thinner shell and delicate flavor. At the core of the high content of protein, vitamin E. The kernels are eaten raw, dried and toasted (hardened) used to prepare a variety of confectionery. The oil from the nuts has a wonderful flavor and aroma.

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