Дыни в поле




Melons Uzbekistan - one of the best in the world. This is one of the favorite foods of the Uzbek population. Melons are rich in glucose, vitamins, increases vitality person. Melons are consumed fresh, cooked jam of them, in the summer dried pulp.
      They are a favorite sweet dish for dinner, and the evening, after a long hot day, used as a tool to eliminate fatigue and thirst.
      This crop more than two thousand years. Arabs claim that the melon - the fruit of paradise gardens - will return to Earth one of the angels, done this terrible crime against God, for which he was expelled from Paradise. Melon - one of the oldest vegetables; In the ruins of the Khazar town Sarkel in Tutankhamun's tomb were found melon seeds and cucumber. Melon belongs to the family Cucurbitaceae annuals, herbaceous plants. Sugar content therein from 5% to 18%.
      In the East, said: "Melon makes hair shiny, young eyes, lips fresh, strong desire, the possibilities turning into action, welcome men and women beautiful." Дыня свежая сорт Мезачульская (Торпеда)
     A property of dried melon fully comply fresh and desirable skill to master jerk, dry it. It is difficult to enumerate all the possible medical melons she heals from anemia, gout, kidney stones, all diseases of the cardiovascular system, intestines and liver.
     Avicenna recommended for information disfiguring scars of smallpox decoction of melon seed. They're an excellent tool for the treatment of impotence. To dry seeds, coffee grinder and grind to one teaspoon to eat 3-4 times a day.

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