The most common are nuts : peanuts , walnuts , cashews , hazelnuts , hazelnuts , almonds, pistachios. Nuts - tasty and high-calorie food . Ripe kernels are eaten fresh. In cooking, they are used in the preparation of sweet dishes ( stuffing , cream , ice cream , etc.) , bakery and confectionery products , sauces ( nut dishes and sauces Georgian, Armenian and Central Asian cuisine ) . Nuts , such as walnuts , peanuts , pine , extract oil , which is used for food . Peanuts (ground , or Chinese walnut) are grown in the CIS in Uzbekistan , the Caucasus , Ukraine , in the Krasnodar region . Peanuts are harvested in late autumn , pulling bushes out of the ground along with the beans (beans are developed in the ground) , then beans ( pods ) are dried and stored in a dry place. The core is covered with peanut light brown shell that can be easily separated after toasting nuts. Toasted peanuts consumed as a delicacy , as well as in the manufacture of cakes, pastries , ice cream. Can be served toasted peanuts to champagne .


Walnuts are grown in Uzbekistan , Moldova , Ukraine . The fruit is harvested in the mature form when the outer shell dries , cracks and falls out of her nut, consisting of a hard shell with a prisoner inside the kernel. Harvested nuts dried in the sun or in the dryer , which contributes to a longer retention. The core is covered with a light walnut or dark film. Cedar fruits are usually from 50 years of age every 3 - 4 years. Gather nuts in September - the month of October , before the frost , as harvested after frost are poorly preserved, moldy and become bitter taste. Fresh and especially dried pine nuts commonly consumed as a delicacy .
     Pounded , cut, pounded the core of mature walnut consumed as a delicacy , used to make some salads ( apple , beet , celery , etc.), as well as add a sweet-sour soups , soup of dried apricots in a variety of egg dishes, eggplant in peanut sauce , pudding , etc. The core of walnut, roasted with salt, may be submitted to the champagne and other grape wines . The core of unripe walnuts are rich in vitamin C. From the unripe nuts can be boiled jam .


Pistachios are grown in Uzbekistan , Moldova, on the Black Sea coast of the Caucasus , the Crimea . Pistachios are shrubs and trees growing on . In pistachio shell beige.
     By eating pistachio nuts used by more than 2,500 years. They are especially revered in Persia - as a symbol of wealth. Pistachios industrially cultivated in Greece , Syria, Iran, Spain , Italy, USA , Turkey and other countries. Pistachio crop harvested in late July - early August. Nuts are first dried in the sun - then they can be stored at least a year . They were also soaked in a saline solution and roasted . Pistachio have high nutritional value - contains more than 50 percent fat, and protein and carbohydrate . They have a tonic effect , and they are recommended to use in patients with chronic fatigue. In the East, pistachio is called the "tree of life".


Almonds in the wild growing

 in Uzbekistan and in the Caucasus. The fruits of the wild with a bitter almond kernel and a very hard shell . Almond kernel contains valuable essential oils to give it a specific flavor . Bitter Almonds can be eaten only in very small quantities and only use for flavoring confectionery. With sweet almond kernel is grown in Uzbekistan , in the Crimea, the Caucasus. The core of almond covered with a thin brown shell . To remove it, just omit the shelled kernel for 1 minute in boiling water , then remove the shell. After that, almond kernel , rinse under running water and dry it on a baking sheet in the oven at 50 ° C. The sweet almonds consumed fresh as a dessert , as well as in the manufacture of sauces , cookies, marzipan , cakes , fillings . Roasted salted almonds and sugar - the starters to champagne . In commercially available almond with shell and cleaned . 

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