Paprika the dried

Болгсрский перец на кустахPaprika smell weak, and the taste is very pungent, sometimes more, sometimes less, but always sweet.
     Paprika, fairly common in the East, which is popular in Europe and very little known in Russia. Paprika - is the dried chopped red and green peppers, which was referred to as red gold.
     When that dried paprika like in South America, India, Spain, in Central Asia, no kitchen in the world is not without paprika.
     Pepper stimulates appetite, improves the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract, strengthens the pancreas.
     If you take the same amount of citrus and paprika in paprika contains more vitamin-C.
Paprika contains - alkaloid (alkaloid amide) to 0.7% capsaicin, which causes irritating and pungent taste of sugar and 8.4% protein and 1.5%; Vitamins C and 500 mg% carotene 14 mg%, P, B1, B2, etheric - 1.5% in the seeds and fat to 10% oil, steroidal saponins.


23.06.13. paprika red top small squares 7h7mm.; 10h10mm. humidity - 8% Dirt - 0.3% Seeds - 0.3% polypropylene and polyethylene bag 
Net weight - 12kg.
Паприка резаная
23.06.13. paprika red first 2h3mm small squares.; 5x6; 7h8mm. humidity - 8% Dirt - 0.5% Seeds - 0.5% polypropylene and polyethylene bag 
Net weight - 12kg.
23.06.13. paprika red second 7h7mm small squares.; 10h10mm. humidity - 8% Dirt - 0.5% Seeds - 0.8% polypropylene and polyethylene bag 
Net weight - 12kg.
23.06.13. paprika red Powdered top humidity - 7% Dirt - 0.3%  polypropylene and polyethylene bag 
Net weight - 12kg.



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