Parsley dried





Dried parsley contains carotene - 10mg. and Vitamin C - 100mg., minerals. The infusion of the leaves of dried parsley is easily movable-yellowish liquid with a characteristic odor, it is used against malaria.
      Dried parsley leaves are used to treat wounds, apply them to the site of the bite nesekomyh to reduce inflammation and pain.
      Among the spices, dried parsley is one of the leading places. The plant has a delicate aroma and pleasant taste pryanosladkovatym, due to the presence of essential oils.
       In the industry of European countries and the United States dried parsley use in the manufacture of prepared meals. In the CIS, it is used to flavor the meatballs, in canning cucumbers, squash, tomatoes, zucchini and eggplant production of tomato sauce, marinadnyh fills, dry soups and main dishes. Parsley is included in some recipes for the production of semi-finished fish.

In cooking dried parsley extending our fish dishes, soups, main dishes of meat, fish, poultry, game, offal, vegetables, eggs, cereals, flour products. Dried parsley blends well with dairy dishes. It is flavored sauces, gravy, stuffing, pies, seafood, cheese and curd, sweet dishes, such as jelly. Dried parsley also used for cosmetic purposes.
Nutrient content per 100g. Edible part.
Nutritional Information: Calories - 276kkal., Protein - 22.42 g., Fat - 4.43 g., Carbohydrate - 21.26 g., Dietary Fiber - 30,4 gr., Ash - 12.47 g., Water - 9.02 g. Mono-and disaccharides - 7.27 g., saturated fatty acids - 0,115 gr.
Vitamins: Beta-carotene - 5.38 mg., Vitamin A (RE) - 509mkg., Vitamin B1 (thiamine) - 0.172 mg., Vitamin B2 (riboflavin) - 1.23 mg., Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine) - 1,002 mg. Vitamin B9 (folic) - 180mkg., Vitamin C - 122mg., Vitamin E (TE) - 6.91 mg., Vitamin K (phylloquinone) - 1359.5 g., Vitamin PP (niacin equivalent) - 7,929 mg., Choline - 97.1 mg.
Macronutrients: Calcium - 1468mg., Magnesium - 249mg., Sodium - 452mg., Potassium - 3805mg., Phosphorus - 351mg.
Trace elements: Iron - 97.86 mg., Zinc - 4.75 mg., Copper - 640mkg., Manganese - 10.5 mg., Selenium - 29.3 mcg.
Energy value of dried parsley - 276kkal.


27.06.13. Parsley dried top humidity - 6%
dirt - 0.2%

double polypropylene
Net weight - 8kg.

27.06.13. Parsley dried first humidity - 6%
dirt - 0.5%

double polypropylene
Net weight - 8kg.


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