Peach has a helpful and healing properties for the body, so peach is widely used in folk and traditional medicine. The peach has a very useful part. It contains organic acids: malic, tartaric, citric, tartaric, mineral salts such as potassium, iron, phosphorus, manganese, copper, zinc, selenium, and magnesium. Peaches are rich in good vitamin complex: vitamin C, vitamin B, E, K, PP, and carotene. The composition also includes peaches pectins and essential oils. Very useful peach pits, as they contain a bitter almond oil and vitamin B17 famous.
     Peach - very valuable product in the human diet. Peach fruit pulp is very juicy, flavorful, refreshing, nutritious, easy to digest. Peach is considered a delicacy fruit. Peach recommended for children, as well as weakened from illness parties to improve appetite. Peaches is required to include in the diet with a tendency to constipation and heartburn. Peaches enhance the secretory activity of the stomach, improve digestion of fatty foods. These fruits have useful properties for such ailments as gout, rheumatism, kidney disease. Drinking peach fruit useful when a person has cardiovascular, renal disease, liver disease and gall bladder.
      Peach Tree Fruit peach contain 80-90% water, 6-14% of sugars, including sucrose, 5-10, pectin - 0.5-1.2% vitamin C - 9,4-20 mg% carotene - 0.6-1.0 mg%. In peach seeds contain 20-60% (dry matter) of fatty oil, 0.4-0.7% essential oils and gorkomindalnogo. Peach fruits are eaten fresh, as well as in processed form (peaches cook compotes, jams, make juice, or use dried peach fruit).

The nutrient content per pound (453.59 g): Calories 150 Iron 2.4 mg., Protein 2g Vitamin A 5,250 ME., Fats 0.4 g Thiamine 0.08 mg. Carbohydrates 38 g Riboflavin 0.19 mg., calcium 36 mg Niacin 3.6 mg., Phosphorus 75mg., Ascorbic Acid 31mg.

Дерево персика

02.07.13. Bald peach "Nectarine" unripe - 0.5% 
pollution - 0.3%

Wooden box
Net weight - 8kg.

02.07.13. Hairy peach "Champion" unripe - 0.5% 
pollution - 0.3%

Wooden box
Net weight - 8kg.

Волосатый персик 605$
02.07.13. Hairy peach unripe - 0.5% 
pollution - 0.3%

Wooden box
Net weight - 8kg.

Персик 605$
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