Хурма на деревеPersimmon has not only taste good, but also contains a large amount of nutrients.
On nutrient persimmon ahead grapes and figs. Because persimmon quenches hunger, often enough this berry is a member of a variety of diets, as the figure it does no harm and only benefit.
In persimmon many useful substances, and dietary fibers, and sodium, magnesium, potassium, iron, manganese and calcium.
In a large number of persimmon contains glucose, vitamins A, C, F, sucrose, iodine, magnesium.
This berry has a presence in many antioxidants that help fight free radicals. In pectin there is a persimmon, a substance that helps the functioning of the digestive system. This is known as persimmon astringent.

Persimmon is also useful that can prevent many illnesses, such as the development of kidney stones. Persimmon improves vascular (vitamins C and E), Persimmon prevents malignant tumors (vitamin A). High benefits persimmon people with thyroid problems because it has a lot of iodine. Persimmon known as an effective diuretic and moreover, it has antimicrobial properties. Useful persimmon and that is capable of destroying a variety of bacteria, for example, that allows the use of this fruit to treat colds.Хурма

Persimmon great natural remedy for maintaining a healthy cardiovascular system. Persimmons contain sugar (14-18%), protein (0,4-0,87%), tannin tannin (0.1 -1.5%), mineral salts, a small am

ount of organic acids, many of provitamin A and vitamin C (5 - 20.3 mg%)






12.07.13 Persimmon

Top  "Chocolate"

unripe - 0.5% 
pollution - 0.5%
wooden or plastic box 
Net weight - 8kg.
Хурма сорт
12.07.13 Persimmon Top "Koralek" unripe - 0.5% 
pollution - 0.5%
wooden or plastic box 
Net weight - 8kg.
Хурма сорт Каралек


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