In Uzbekistan there are many varieties of pilaf, basic unbundling pilaf is divided by regions of the Republic of Uzbekistan, and their thirteen.
      Let's start with the capital pilaf, ie Tashkent, it is considered the sweet pilaf tastes satisfied pilaf lover and not the most experienced person. Portion calculated over rice pilaf, ie - 150 gr. for 1 person.


Tashkent pilaf
Ingredients for four people:

1. Vegetable oil cottonseed oil or sunflower oil - 240 gr.
2. Meat lamb or beef - 600 gr.
3. Onion - 150 gr.
4. Carrot red or yellow - 600 gr.
5. Rice - 600 gr.
6. Raisin red -50 c.
7. Peas "chick" - 50 oz.
8. Turmeric - 15 gr. or tsp.
9. Cumin - 10 gr.
10. Black pepper peas - 5 c. or 10 - 15 peas
11. Table salt to taste


      Take the 5-liter cauldron and set it on a gas stove with gas flame on full power, but the flame should not reach the edge of the cauldron. It is very important to be able to use a flame of fire, as the flames is highly dependent proper cooking. Pour vegetable oil to a light haze raskalivaem or 10 min. To check the oil red-hot or not, we must not peeled large onion throw in vegetable oil, and bring to a black, then remove, and thereby destroy unnecessary odors of vegetable oil.
      Cut meat into squares of size 3 * 3 * 4 cm or 4 cm on request, the bed gently in the hot oil and quickly shunt to meat covered with a thin shell prizharennoy white-grayish color - it is to ensure that the meat does not stick to the bottom of the cauldron and prigoralo. The meat is then bring to a light brownish color or roast 10 - 15 minutes.
      After that, throw in the cauldron, sliced ​​onion rings and mix with meat, onions until golden brown prizharivaem or 5 min. Then throw carrots, sliced ​​2-3 length of the length of the carrot and the thickness desired, carrots also prizharivaem 10 min.
      Then fill with cold water, the amount of water should cover the entire mass prizharennuyu 4-5 cm If you want your dish was cooked faster, you can pour the boiled water weight.

As poured water to put turmeric, peas "chickpeas", raisins, peas black pepper, cumin, exactly half and salt to taste. Note that Figure, uses a lot of salt because of the broth should be slightly peresalennym. We bring the broth to a boil and cook for 15 - 20 min.
      After that reduce gas flame and gently lay the rice on the entire plane proved as possible layer of rice should be the same, made up of water, so that it was 2 cm from the top of rice and sprinkle with cumin second part, then turn the gas on full power and wait that the water has boiled away completely.
      Seemed like rice, requires a spoon handle to make a hole in a layer of rice in several places that the rice evenly cook. Also in these holes you will see that the water is completely evaporated. Then cauldron, cover with a lid, reduce the flame to a minimum and kept 25 - 30 min. After that, stir and serve.

Bon appetit!

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