Дерево фисташки





    Fruit pistachio kernel contains in% fat and 70, protein 18-25, fiber 4.6, carbohydrate - 16.4% of nitrogen-free extractives 16.7 to macro-and microelements. Pistachio oil comprises glycerides of oleic, linoleic and some unsaturated fatty acids.
      Pistachio kernel is eaten raw and fried. The powder of the cores used in the confectionery industry. Oil - in medicine and perfumery. Isolated from the galls crimson dye for coloring wool, silk carpets. Pistachio fat oil is used in the paint industry.


Pistachio in a shell premium
Humidity – 5% 
Impurity - 1%
a double
bag net - 25kg. 

Pistachio in a shell the fried premium 
Humidity – 5% 
Impurity - 1%
Box three-puff
net 10kg.  

Фисташка в скорлупе

Pistachio kernel premium
Humidity – 5% 
Impurity - 1%
Box three-puff
net - 10kg.  
Фисташка очищенная 
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