Фисташка в скорлупеPistachio - cashew close relatives. But the fruit of the pistachio, botanists called drupes. When ripe, the flesh dries and cracks bone into two halves. That's where there is a dirty green color, which is called Pistachio. The greener, the ripe nut.

pistachio tree
     Originally from the Mediterranean pistachios. They gladly gnawed by the ancient Greeks, calling "magic nuts." Today, half the world's crop supplies Turkey. Overgrown wild pistachio preserved in Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan and Kyrgyzstan. Pistachio trees live to be 400 years old, they are cold-resistant, but the fruit ripens only in the heat. Vegetative cycle of pistachios a very long, full productivity is one of 30 - 32 year. Of - this EA is not grown pistachio plantations and wild vegetation grows on the borders of the Central Asian countries and in the reserve.

This tree is very resistant plants fame: its roots go back to 15 meters in depth. By the way, collectФисташка очищенная pistachios only at night, because the sun leaves secrete essential oils. Pistachios are considered the best snack ... but not for beer and to champagne and dessert wines. For this purpose they are fried and served with lemon juice.

    Pistachios contain many vitamins and minerals at a very high calorie. Useful exhausted and under a heavy load, heart disease and liver, nausea and jaundice.

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