Plane transport 2011

Date Shipment from the airport Admission to the airport Brand of air transport Goods Transit through the airport Transit through the airport Number of tons Price in $
10.10.11. Tashkent Uzbekistan Incheon Korea Boeing - 747 fresh pomegranates -- -- 5 6000
15.10.11. Tashkent Uzbekistan Vladivostok Russia Boeing - 747 fried peas Moscow Russia -- 0,1 450
**  Note: 
* the Prices provided on a site are for one ton on FCA terms of delivery the city or railway station of the city of Tashkent of Uzbekistan, according to the Incoterms – 2010.
* Delivery of goods is made in any point of the world at the expense of the buyer.
* our company makes for the clients logistics study on each delivery of goods free of charge.
* the Prices are valid within 15 days from the date of specified on a site.
* B interest cases, we ask you to make request for an e-mail: and to receive confirmation from the producer at each price and quantities of goods.
* the Minimum party of shipment of each type of goods - 5 tons and the minimum party of delivery - 20 tons 
* payment Form: advance payment of 50% after placement of the demand and 50% after readiness of goods for shipment.