In ordinary pumpkin fruit pulp contained in% sugar 8-10, protein substances to 15, fatty oil 0.13 5.16 pectin substances, organic acids, 0.1-0.2, 11 -14 fiber, phytosterols (traces) .
Vitamins in mg%: 0,2-8,0 C, carotene 1.96 V, 0.047, B20, 065, RR 0.5. Macronutrient content in mg%: 170 potassium, calcium 40, 14 magnesium, sulfur, 18, 25 phosphorus, chlorine 19. Trace element content in micrograms;. 800 iron, cobalt 1.0 Mn 40 Cu 180, Fluorine 86, Zinc 240. Pumpkin 92% of water.
Pumpkin seeds contain: 20-50% of fatty oil, which consists of linoleic, oleic, palmitic and stearic acids, 35% of protein substances, as well as tyrosine, leucine, phytosterols and other substances. Pumpkin leaves contain 620 mg% of vitamin C. In the flowers of pumpkin contains dyes, flavonoids and carotenoids.
      According to Muhammad Hussain Sherazi (XVIII c.), Pumpkin cools and strengthens the body, so is useful for people with hot kind, opens blockages and therefore operates diuretic, soothes intestines, cures jaundice and acute fever. Among the negative characteristics he calls kulandzh, ie, intestinal colic, occurring after its reception. In order to prevent side effects recommends cooking pumpkin with added juice of unripe grapes, pomegranate vinegar, quince, garlic, pepper, nano, cumin or mustard. All these products have the ability to strengthen the secretory function of the stomach and intestines, so after adding any of them improves the digestion pumpkin pumpkin warned negative characteristics that can cause bloating, stomach pain, stomach cramps, etc. Ancient physicians were not appointed pumpkin, individuals who have nature of stomach cold, ie, for patients hypoacid form of gastritis or gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer.
      In modern medicine, pumpkin pulp is used as a dietary product, and seeds - against tapeworms. Fruit pulp is boiled and especially the fresh juice from raw fruits improves intestinal motility, a beneficial effect in chronic colitis, accompanied by constipation.

Fresh juice obtained from raw pumpkin assigned 2-3 cups per day.
Periodic reception of pumpkin is particularly useful for people with senile or primary constipation. The mechanism of therapeutic action of pumpkin senile constipation due to the presence in its composition of fiber (14%). Vitamin components, as well as complex sugars of the fruit pulp of the pumpkin a positive effect on the biochemical processes of the liver, and a high content of fiber has a positive effect on hepatic intraenteric-circulation of bile acids, which is important in preventing the formation of cholesterol gallstones.
      Pumpkin fruits are low in calories, so they are recommended for obesity. Pumpkin enhances diuresis and promotes the excretion of salt from the body, so it is useful as a dietary-edema associated with liver, kidney and cardiovascular disease, so debilitated patients it is advisable to cook porridge and fruit pulp to feed 2-3 times a day.
Maintaining a large amount of iron, copper and zinc makes pumpkin particularly valuable nutritional product for patients with iron deficiency anemia, and for debilitated patients after infectious, surgical and other diseases. If anemia patients are 4-5 times a day to consume 20-150 grams of cooked pumpkin, then they will not need to resort to receive iron supplements. Systemic administration pumpkins because of it high content of fluorine can be a good tool for the prevention of dental caries. It is known that a daily dose of fluoride for humans - 1 mg. If a person through water or food gets this dose, the caries will not. This dosage of fluoride a person can get away with 500-600 g pumpkin.
      Pumpkin seeds are used against flat (ribbon) and roundworms. They are used as a decoction, an emulsion or a powder.

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