Айва на деревеQuince - fragrant delicious fruit known to mankind for thousands of years and has a powerful healing force.
  Quince fruit contain a large amount of pectic compounds, salts of iron, potassium, calcium, copper and phosphorus, and organic acids, and saturated, mono-and disaccharides, vitamins PP, A, B2, B1, β-carotene and ascorbic acid.
Nutritional value per 100 g of quince.: Water - 84gr., Fiber - 3.6 g., Carbohydrates - 9,3 gr., Fat - 0.5 g., Proteins - 0,6 g.
    Quince is astringent, so it is used for all kinds of diseases and disorders of the gastrointestinal tract. Quince fruits are a powerful diuretic in many diseases, including problems with the cardiovascular system.
Quince, thanks to the minimum amount of fat and the complete absence of cholesterol, is an excellent product for the diet. Due to copper and fiber quince improves processes digestive processes, consequently, helps get rid of excessive fullness. Energy value of fruit - 48 kcal per 100 g, quince can safely consume those who lose weight and those who are not watching their weight.

Quince cutting large amount of antioxidants contained in quince, helps to cope with stress, de

Айва нарезаная

pression, prevents premature aging and the appearance of cancer cells. Unique antiviral properties of quince allow it suitable for the treatment of influenza and various colds.
    Quince is unusually rich variety of organic acids - citric, malic, tartaric. In addition, it contains sugar and high (mainly fructose) in an amount of from 5 to 12 percent! Quince also abounds tanning and pectin substances, essential oils.







11.07.13. Quince top unripe - 0.5% 
pollution - 0.5%

wooden or plastic box
Net weight - 8kg.

11.07.13. Quince first unripe - 0.5% 
pollution - 0.5%

wooden or plastic box
Net weight - 8kg.

Айва первый сорт
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