The main advantage of spices - a high content of antioxidants. These substances can weaken the ravages of free radicals that cause oxidative stress in the body, which is guilty of many of our ills - from the appearance of wrinkles on the skin before the emergence of serious diseases - cancer, diabetes and heart ailments. In a pinch of spice antioxidants found more than a glass of berries.
Spices reduce cholesterol and blood sugar.
And the effect of the spice with a comparable technique medicament governmental drug - the blood cholesterol level falls by 10-15%. Anti-cholesterol effect is especially pronounced in spices.
     Spices have a powerful stimulant and tonic effect, mobilize internal forces, activate blood circulation. As a result, people recover faster.

Семена укропа

First, spices add flavor any food - explains. Fennel seeds Second, they stimulate digestion and stimulate metabolism - as a result the body is saturated with a small amount of food. Recent research scientists have proven that even the tapas are served before dinner, do not incite the appetite, but, on the contrary, contribute to the rapid saturation: they contain capsaicin fast ¬ ro causes a feeling of fullness - as a result of a person eats less. In addition, capsaicin increases energy consumption by 23% and inhibits the development of fat cells. "Among the many spices aphrodisiacs. Nutmeg is often called female and male basil spices - they contain essential oils stimulate the endocrine glands. Volatile enzymes contained in vanilla, act on the central nervous system.

Antioxidants spices actively fighting with carcinogens. Spice was allocated substance blocking the biochemical processes leading to the development of head and neck tumors. Also molecule capable of destroying cancer cells. Семена кориандра"Studies of the anticancer properties of biologically active substances. Indeed, it was proved that a direct effect on cancer cells) spices hinder their development and suppresses reproduction. However, in vivo this effect was very weak.

     Improves digestive processes, the heart, increases the appetite, used during exacerbation of arthritis, skin diseases. Diuretic and disinfectant action. Inhalation with spices and essential oils are recommended for respiratory tract infections.
     Universal spice, used in soups, marinades, meat and fish dishes.
    Powerful tool to enhance the secretion of digestive glands. Has a diuretic effect - used to treat inflammation of the urinary channel, with nephrolithiasis, cystitis, gout and rheumatism.


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