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Seeds of fennel

Укроп в поле






Fennel seeds rich in ether (from 2 to 4%) and fatty oils (from 10 to 20%). The main component of the essential oil is carvone (40-60%), there are also dillapiol (19-40%), phellandrene, digidrokarvon, carveol, digidrokarveol, isoeugenol, etc.
      Maximum number of carvone noted on 7-9th day after flowering, in a well developed green fruit or wax ripeness stage and seed browning central umbrella. Fatty oil contains up to 93% of fatty acid glycerides, among which petroselinic, palmitic, oleic, linoleic. Fruits also have coumarins, phenol carbonic acids, flavonoids, resin, wax, protein (14-15%).
Dill seeds have a sweet and fragrant bouquet, subtle caraway flavor and light, but pleasant bitterness.

Dill seeds are used in canning, especially cucumbers. Crushed seeds combine well with almost all fish dishes.Семена укропа Fennel seeds added to meat, fish, mushroom, cold appetizers, salads, vinaigrettes. Thin aromatic shade gives hot and cold soups, blends well with hot and cold pork, lamb, veal, chicken, turkey, duck, venison and fish. Flavored dairy dishes, pie fillings.
      Fennel seeds included in many aromatic herbs and mixtures thereof. Dill seeds are used for flavoring confectionery, fillings, pastries, tea, vinegar.







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