Dried vegetables - an indispensable food product. Nutritional value of vegetables is determined by the high content of digestible substances, in particular carbohydrates. They contain the human body necessary for vitamins and minerals; as well as proteins, and various organic acids, essential oils, beneficial effect on the digestive process. For example, red beet - sugar; cabbage - a lot of vitamin C and carrots - carotene (provitamin A), from which the body is formed vitamin A. It is therefore necessary in the diet may be administered over a wide range of vegetables. Mind - this is our company is engaged in the production and processing of vegetables that could provide food production and create competitive to other manufacturers around the world.

Our entire product range is available in a specialized industrial equipment. Products offered by us are quickly restore the original volume and color, do not lose with their organoleptic and palatability. On the basis of shredded vegetables we produce composition for different sectors of the food industry (meat and dairy, confectionary, fishing, canning, food concentrates).
    Based on the crushed product from dried vegetables from Uzbekistan produced excellent seasoning.
    On the chemical composition of dried vegetables and fruits are concentrated and high calorie foods. Subject to technological regimes drying fruits and vegetables are well preserved essential nutrients (except vitamins) and caloric by removing most of the moisture is increased by 9-10 times. In dried vegetables contain from 1

Морковь сушеная кубики

1% to 14% moisture.

Dried carrots cubes Number of proteins is from 5.6 to 35%. In the dried onions onions, carrots and beets are dominated by sugar - up to 56%, and in the potato - starch to 76.6%. Energy value of dried vegetables depending on the type of kcal/100g 191-350. Cellulose contained in an amount of more than 5% in all kinds of dehydrated vegetables, except the dried potatoes. The content of organic acids and minor amounts of 0.5-0.8%. The total ash content in all kinds of dehydrated vegetables high 3,0-6,8%.






Chemical composition (%) and energy (kcal) of dried fruits:


product water proteins carbohydrates
cellulose Org. acid per malic Total ash energy value
Mono-and disaccharides starch
potatoe 12,0 6,6 5,0 69,0 2,9 0,5 4,0 331
onion 14,0 8,4 42,0 0,6 4,2 0,6 3,3 208



14,0 7,8 48,4 0,8 7,2 0,8 3,0 226
beetroot 14,0 9,0 56,0 0,6 5,4 - 5,1 257

Лук сушенный квадратикAll kinds of dehydrated vegetables are rich in potassium, especially dried potatoes 1988 mg. Dried beet, onions contain a lot of calcium 542mg respectively., 222mg. and 186mg. Magnesium rich beet. All dried vegetables contain a lot of iron - from 3mg. to 8mg. Dried carrots stands high in β-carotene - 40 mg%. Vitamin C in dried vegetables bit about 10mg. to 50 mg.









Mineral and vitamin composition of dried vegetables and fruits, mg.:


product Na К Са Mg P Fe β-carotene В1 В2 РР С
potatoe 98 1988 35 80 203 4 0 0,10 0,10 3,7 7,0
onion 108 1050 186 84 348 5 сл. 0,10 0,10 1,3 12,0
carrots 59 967 105 56 294 3 40 0,12 0,30 2,6 10,0
beetroot 516 1728 222 132 258 8 0,04 0,04 0,20 1,2 10,0


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